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The Tompkins Report was created to bring fans an in depth look at Texas High SchoolTexas College and Texas NFL and XFL Football. Bringing you game scores, results, standings, play-by-play, game breakdown and analysis as well as award winning photographs of the biggest football plays.

River Tompkins is a reporter for Texas Sports Monthly. He has also published the book, Everything I Know About Football, now available on Amazon.com


2020 season The Tompkins Report is reporting on the XFL Houston Roughnecks.
2019 season The Tompkins Report covered the State Champion Westlake High School football season

2019 season The Tompkins Report covered the UIL High School Football Playoffs 6A DI & DII.
2019 season The Tompkins Report covered the Austin High School football season.

The season includes games against Texas division 6A football teams:

Pflugerville Connally High School Cougars football (5A)
Round Rock Westwood High School Warriors football (6A)
Lehman High School, Texas Lobos football (6A)
Westlake High School, Texas Chaparrals football (6A)
Lake Travis High School, Texas Cavaliers football (6A)
Del Valle High School, Texas Cardinals football (6A)
Hays High School, Texas Rebels football (6A)
Anderson High School, Texas Trojans football (6A)
Bowie High School, Texas Bulldogs football (6A)
Akins High School, Texas Eagles football (6A)


The Tompkins Report includes articles by River Tompkins written for Texas Sports Monthly (online and print).

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