• River Tompkins

Warriors Claim Narrow Victory Over Maroons

House Field has come alive again. It is the first home game for the Austin High Maroons and the crowds have come out to cheer them on. Loyal Forever is a banner that hangs on the stands in this historic field. A testament that the Austin fans will be there through the good times and the bad. In a nail-biting game that came right down to the last minute, the Austin Maroons ultimately admitted defeat to the Westwood Warriors 41-39. There were some outstanding moments from both teams and proof that this Austin High team has potential to go the distance.

Austin High quarterback Charles Wright.

This game was a shootout right up until the end with Austin High throwing for 297 yards as well as 225 yards on the ground combining for upwards of 500 yards. The most impressive of this Austin offensive attack was their running game, after running for 222 yards against Connally, senior Grayson Davis did not shy away from the challenge. Breaking tackles and literally dragging bodies behind him, Grayson rushed for 197 yards on 29 carries also scoring 3 touchdowns.

Running back Grayson Davis escapes tackle.

Westwood’s offense was explosive with junior quarterback R.J. Martinez throwing for 382 yards and 3 touchdowns, on top of that the offense rushed for a combined total of 212 yards. This game was definitely dictated by the offenses. The Westwood defense was similar to Austin, they allowed a lot of points but made some big plays including two interceptions. One of the biggest problems with their defense was they could not cover the deep ball.

Westwood High quarterback R.J. Martinez.

The first half was coming to an end as Austin High was driving the ball downfield. With the band playing and the fans going wild Austin High had a 4th & goal decision coming up. Quarterback Charles Wright led the offense on the field for a 4th down play. The band and crowd fell silent in anticipation. Running back Grayson Davis got the ball, after shedding off multiple tacklers Grayson Davis reached the pylon scoring a touchdown; the Austin sideline erupted with cheers.

Greyson Davis scores a touchdown.

Austin High excelled at taking shots down the field as they connected on a huge 61 yard touchdown pass to senior wide receiver Colby Kalbacher as well as a 32 yard pass to junior Nick Anderson. Colby had 9 catches for 143 yards and 2 toucdowns. Another aspect that worked in Austin’s favor was the amount of pass interference called against Westwood, this helped Austin's offense move down the field. Austin can work to improve on their 13-20 yard passes as the timing looked off during their game against Westwood compared to the game against Connally. Once they patch up their offense, it will be a serious force to be reckoned with.

Greyson Davis can not be stopped.

The Austin High defense allowed 41 points but that is not to say they did not make plays in their own right. They made multiple stops throughout the game but it was not enough. Austin struggled at tackling the Westwood Warriors. As Westwood’s first offensive play was a 90+ yard WR screen touchdown pass to junior wide receiver Julian Deberry.

This game came down to the wire as both teams exchanged blows throughout the whole game. Late in the fourth quarter Austin had the ball and were down by 8. The offense moved their way downfield resulting in a touchdown by Colby Kalbacher. Two points away from a tie game with seconds to go Austin High came up short on the 2 point conversion.

Colby Kalbacher catches a pass in the end zone for a touchdown

Offensive Line Coach Neil Abbott.

Austin Head Coach Mike Rosenthal / Westwood Head Coach Anthony Wood

Austin will be looking for SS Carlos Tiemann, MLB Everett Butler and DE Abrion Boudreaux to make big plays against Lehman next week.

  • Article by River Tompkins, written for Texas Sports Monthly