• River Tompkins

Westlake Chaparrals take down San Antonio Stevens 71-14 in the Regional Semifinals

December 26th 2020, Westlake high school took on San Antonio Stevens high school at Bastrop Memorial Stadium for the Regional Semifinals.

Westlake won the game 71-14. Westlake junior QB Cade Klubnik had over 350 passing yards. Senior running back Grey Nakfoor scored three touchdowns, and sophomore wide receiver Jaden Greathouse had four catches for 90 yards and two touchdowns.

After this victory, Westlake will face Cibolo Steele in Round Rock next Saturday in the Region IV finals.

Westlake head coach Todd Dodge meets with quarterback Cade Klubnik on the sideline.

QB Cade Klubnik with a quarterback keeper.

San Antonio Stevens quarterback Kevin "kk" Brashears.

Westlake sophomore wider receiver Jayden Greathouse makes the catch from Klubnik for the touchdown.

Westlake DL Hayden Bray sacks Steven's quarterback Kevin Brashears.

QB Kade Klubnik scrambles to find Jayden Greathouse in the end zone.

WR Devin Idar makes a huge catch to get the first down.